The Forgotten Reformer

August 30, 2018

But what of Oecolampadius? One of the leading Hebrew scholars of his day, an outstanding biblical commentator and reformer of a prominent city, yet his name is largely unknown outside specialist circles and the great bulk of his work has never been translated into English. Who was this forgotten reformer? Read More...

Making History

May 29, 2015

The Bible’s honesty makes it a model. -Noel Weeks- One of the interesting things about the Old Testament way of writing history is the putting of two different versions of the same history side by side. Compare Genesis 1:1-2:3 and 2:4-10; Genesis 6:13-22 and 7:1-8; Judges 1:1-16 Read More...

A refreshing history

April 3, 2015

Australia has enjoyed many revivals, which should still be our prayer. Robert Evans Keen Evangelical Christians in the early 19th century resembled Evangelicals today in most ways, but there were two very notable differences. The first was that the 19th century Evangelicals had a vision of Read More...