Our disabled Christ

May 29, 2018

Modern secular Western culture is especially governed by expectations of ease and comfort. Under the most dominant healthcare approach, disability is seen as abnormal. People with disabilities are expected to get a label, receive treatment and become “normal”. The problem with this model is that “normality” is not always attainable or wanted. Read More...

The Dawkins Syndrome

May 27, 2015

The famous atheist blunders again on morality -Barney Zwartz- Richard Dawkins, the world’s most famous atheist, loves a headline. He got plenty last year when he tweeted that it is immoral not to abort a baby with Down Syndrom if you have the Read More...

God is able

May 19, 2015

 Our perception of disability should follow God’s – Jason Forbes – In Australia, we are seeing new stages of disability care reform. The needs of people with disabilities are now being given greater attention. Not only that, perceptions about the person with the disability Read More...