Book Review

Learning about the Old Testament

January 23, 2018

Allan Harman Banner of Truth, 2017. Reviewed by Peter Barnes As a youngster, I think I would have welcomed a helpful introduction to the Old Testament – or at least I should have. For a paperback of some 125 pages, this is simple yet comprehensive, and is a slightly enlarged revision of an Read More...

Why the Reformation Still Matters

January 19, 2018

Michael Reeves and Tim Chester Wheaton:Crossway, 2016 Reviewed by Peter Barnes This is quite a splendid book – only a little over 200 pages but comprehensive in its scope and ideal for beginners and for experienced readers needing a refresher. Eleven topics are covered: justification; Scripture; Read More...

We Cannot Be Silent

October 13, 2016

Albert Mohler Jr Fidelitas Publishing, 2015 Reviewed by Campbell Markham The Economist recently described Al Mohler as “one of America’s most influential evangelicals”. We Cannot Be Silent is his trumpet blast, calling Christians to speak out against the revolutionary degradation of marriage, Read More...

Hosanna, Loud Hosannas

August 1, 2016

David and Barbara Leeman Self-published, 2014. Reviewed by Chris Ashton If present trends continue, the future of Presbyterianism in Australia is unlikely to include another hymnbook. But maybe it should– if not for the sake of baby boomer pastors and their dislike of the great hymns of the Read More...

Amy Carmichael: ‘Beauty for Ashes’

May 25, 2016

Iain Murray Banner of Truth, 2015. Reviewed by Peter Barnes Patricia MacArthur rightly speaks of Amy Carmichael in terms of “a compulsive life”. In every respect, Amma, as she was known, takes her place as one of the foremost Christian women of any age – not that she would have enjoyed that Read More...

Center Church

May 9, 2016

Tim Keller Zondervan, 2012 Reviewed by Darren Middleton. Tim Keller is a good speaker, thinker and cultural analyst. His magnum opus is Center Church (sic), where he lays out his understanding of gospel ministry. There are three major sections of his book emphasising the importance of gospel Read More...