Learning about the Old Testament

Allan Harman
Banner of Truth, 2017.

Reviewed by Peter Barnes

As a youngster, I think I would have welcomed a helpful introduction to the Old Testament – or at least I should have. For a paperback of some 125 pages, this is simple yet comprehensive, and is a slightly enlarged revision of an earlier work published by Christian Focus.

learning-imageProfessor Harman is well known for his wide-ranging scholarship but also his ability to write with a common touch. I must confess to having the same difficulties with one chapter that I expressed with the earlier edition. It is the chapter on The Covenant of Creation, where Professor Harman expresses the view that the length of days in Genesis 1 is not fixed, and then writes of the curse following the Fall: “The effect of sin was not to introduce a new principle (death), but to alter the existing relationships so that life became burdensome”. Surely, the Fall did indeed usher in death, not just painful inconvenience (e.g. Rom.5:12-21).

That criticism aside, this would be an ideal book for a study group wanting to gain an overview of the Old Testament.


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