Changing lanes, crossing cultures: Equipping Christians and churches for ministry in a culturally diverse society

Andrew P. Schachtel, Choon-Hwa Lim, Michael K. Wilson
Sydney: GreatWestern Press, 2016.

Reviewed by Paul Cooper

Changing Lanes, Crossing Cultures is a book designed to equip Christians and Churches for their God-given ministry in a culturally diverse society. It is an Australian book written for our context by experienced cross- cultural workers Andrew Schachtel, Choon-Hwa Lim and the Presbyterian Church’s own Michael Wilson.Changing-Lanes-crossing-cultures

Why is such a book needed? Australia’s population is made up of people who have come from more than 200 different countries, making us a very multi-ethnic nation, particularly in our cities and increasingly so in our towns. These people who now call Australia home often have little meaningful and/or sustained contact with Christianity and they have little understanding of the gospel.

For their part, churches and Christians are often unsure how to go about making meaningful contact with, and responding to, the missionary challenge of commending the gospel to our multicultural neighbours and neighbourhoods. This practical and well-written book will assist Christians and Churches to respond to this challenge. It will guide the reader’s understanding about the why, what, how and when of cross-cultural ministry and will provide effective strategies and practical insights.


This book is clearly structured and laid out in six content modules with
questions, breakout boxes to highlight key points, case studies, work spaces for personal notes and summaries of the various chapters. It is designed as a personal or group study book with clearly enumerated sections for ease of reference. It also contains many very appealing (think cute!) Australian-themed line drawing illustrations by T. S. Lim. At the end of the book are several important appendices which contain valuable information and a helpful cross-cultural self-evaluation tool.

For any Church or Christian serious about reaching out to its changing community this book is a very good place to start. It is available from:

$18 plus $5 postage.


Paul F Cooper is a retired minister, now a researcher at Christ College

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