We Cannot Be Silent

Albert Mohler Jr
Fidelitas Publishing, 2015

Reviewed by Campbell Markham

The Economist recently described Al Mohler as “one of America’s most influential evangelicals”. We Cannot Be Silent is his trumpet blast, calling Christians to speak out against the revolutionary degradation of marriage, family, and gender in the Western world.

Faithful Christians, whether in the pulpit or the pew, are staggering bewildered and anxious under the pace of cultural and legal change. Dr Mohler wrestles with those who are unwilling to speak up against this change, whether out of fear, perceived inability, or a lack of conviction that this is our Christian dutywe-cannot-be-silent

The book begins by exposing the philosophical roots of today’s crisis. It contends that the widespread and thoughtless acceptance of contraception after WWII broke the nexus between sex and children, and set a trajectory whereby the restriction of sex to a married man and woman is illogical at best, and repressive at worst. (This entirely plausible contention deserves, in my opinion, a thorough Protestant exploration.)

The untold dire consequences of marriage redefinition are likewise exposed. It is simply not possible to become modern Essenes, living serenely on the fringes of a collapsing society, for the legal tentacles of redefined marriage and gender will reach into our schools, universities, businesses, civic life, churches, and homes.

Dr Mohler shows that the dichotomy between proclaiming the gospel, and speaking out against social evils, is a false one. Like Jesus (Mark 1:15), we must lovingly call people to repent from their sinful ways, to believe in the Saviour who died to give us life.

“If we are committed to Scripture, human flourishing, the gospel, and love of neighbour, then an issue of this magnitude compels us to plead with and attempt to persuade those who will face the eternal wrath of God if they do not abandon their sin for Jesus.”

The book concludes with 30 burning pastoral questions, e.g. “Are people born gay?” “Should a Christian attend a same-sex wedding ceremony?” I thoroughly recommend this reasoned, loving, and compelling work.

Buy it here from Reformers Bookshop.

Campbell Markham is pastor at Cornerstone church, Tasmania.


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