The Genesis Account: A Theological, Historical, and Scientific Commentary on Genesis 1-11

Jonathan Sarfati
Creation Ministries International, 2015.

Reviewed by Paul Seiler

The reading of this commentary is no small undertaking; it contains some 700 pages – but it is very much worth the effort. Sarfati does a brilliant job of bringing the latest scientific knowledge to bear upon the topic of origins, as set forth in Genesis. One of the most impressive characteristics of this commentary is the very high regard it holds for the authority of God’s word.

Sarfati is a scientist, but his expertise as a scientist is combined with his ability to integrate genuine science with the biblical text. Many commentaries on Genesis treat scientific hypotheses as though they were of equal authority to Scripture, not so this commentary.

I would highly recommend it to any  pastor and to Christians in general. I found many of Jonathan Sarfati’s scientific conclusions most enlightening and was deeply challenged at some points concerning my own fuzzy and wrong thinking about the biblical doctrine of creation. For example, his commentary cured me of my soft gap theory. I think that his arguments for a young earth are very convincing.

This commentary demonstrates a superior command of the Hebrew text of Genesis. It is also infused by Sarfati’s grasp of ancient Christian interpretations of Genesis, as well as Jewish interpretations. Not all will agree, but I was particularly interested to read his views on the very difficult reference to the identity of the “sons of God” in Genesis 6. Sarfati argues the case that this is a reference to angels.

Since the middle of the 19th century with the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, the church has been intimidated and led into compromising over the doctrine of creation. Now, Christians can have this excellent commentary sitting on their bookshelf, which they can use to defend the Biblical doctrine of creation.

Buy it here from Reformers Bookshop

Paul Seiler is the minister of Annerley Presbyterian Church.


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