Editorial – Autumn 2016

There has been no greater lie sold to a gullible and rudderless public than the belief that abortion is linked to liberation. We have been told that abortion is a women’s issue (and so women wonder why the man abdicates); that it helps to prevent the abuse of unwanted children (when actually it is the ultimate form of child abuse); that we cannot impose religious values on the population (but the law against killing is hardly to be dismissed as just a religious value); that it has no effect on women (when there are thousands, even millions, suffering from anxiety and guilt after an abortion); and that it reduces the number of mentally and physically deficient people in the world (when the disabled of this world do not seem to be at the forefront in causing human misery).

The website for the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand has long had on its website the opening line: “Children are important. Every child needs to be loved and wanted.” One is meant to become all teary until one realises that it actually means: “If you do not want your child, we can eliminate him for you.”

There is an abortion clinic (abattoir might be a better word) in New York which advertises “Gentle Abortions, No Pain, No Memory”. In 2009 Dr Willie Parker gave up obstetrics to become a full-time abortionist in the American South. It was in his own mind a noble act, with a Mother Teresa quality about it. In 2015 he boasted in an article in the New York Times: “In public health, you go where the crisis is. If there is an outbreak and you have the ability to relieve suffering, you rush to the site of the need.” So Mother Teresa went to Calcutta to help the poor, and Willie Parker went to Birmingham, Alabama, to kill their children.Peter Barnes 08

An American pamphlet from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice informed its readers that “Making a choice about your pregnancy can be a gift of learning and growth. It is an invitation for you to develop a larger vision of yourself. It’s a way to practice compassion and loving kindness toward yourself.”

As we are warned in Scripture (Gen. 3; 2 Cor. 11), the devil goes out of his way to sound like an angel of light.

Peter Barnes

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