Your Special Needs Child

Stephen Viars
New Growth Press, 2011.

Reviewed by Peter Barnes

This is not a detailed “how to” guide for dealing with a special needs child, but a short booklet which gives parents a framework for responding to their situation in a godly and realistic way. Stephen and his wife, Kris, adopted a blind boy, Andrew, who also has a number of other physical and mental challenges (in 2011 Andrew turned 18).

Because of his blindness, night meant nothing to Andrew, and so sleep patterns also meant next to Your-Special-Needs-Child-5-pack-LowRes__28489.1384049955.1280.1280nothing. Hence he went for years without ever sleeping through the night. Drawing on Matthew 11:28-30, Viars points out that “There will never be a person in heaven who regrets accepting Jesus’ yoke of salvation and service”. Indeed: “Every yoke he offers includes opportunities to learn. We know more about ourselves and more about our Saviour than we would have ever learned had this trial not been entrusted to us.”

Stephen and Kris have found the rest of contentment, the rest of joy, and the rest of fulfillment. The booklet concludes with an account of Andrew’s coming to faith in Christ. It is both a touching and a helpful little booklet.


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