Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Reviewed by Peter Barnes

Nabeel Qureshi, Zondervan, 2014.

In this work, Nabeel Qureshi recounts his journey from being a devout Muslim (from the Ahmadiyya sect) to becoming a Christian. As one would expect, it is fascinating, insightful, and at times frustrating. Perhaps the first thing that ought to be said is that the book is dedicated to Qureshi’s parents who are still Muslim and whom he loves dearly. The family was a close-knit one, and their characters are loving and attractive – yet another lesson that not all Muslims are bloodthirsty supporters of ISIL.Finding Jesus

Extracting himself from Islam was a long and painful process for Qureshi. The two most significant obstacles for him, doctrinally at least, were the death of Christ on the cross and His deity. One lesson for Christians is how important were Qureshi’s friendships with Christians – one in particular.

Apologetics plays a prominent part in Qureshi’s conversion, naturally enough, but the emphasis on dreams is not always easy to interact with. That God uses dreams, I do not doubt; that one should rely so totally on them as the decisive factor in converting is more open to question. For all that, this is a work to encourage and educate Christians, and hopefully to challenge Muslims.

Peter Barnes is editor of AP.

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