Bible Society Australia partners with Koorong in match made in heaven

Information from BSA media release 17-08-2015

Christians across the nation are set to celebrate following the launch of a partnership which will increase access to God’s word worldwide and, through this, transform lives.

Bible Society Australia – whose core cross denominational mission is to translate, distribute and engage people with the Bible – has acquired leading Christian retailer Koorong in a deal that will make both organisations, and the Christian community, stronger.

Chairman of Bible Society Australia, Richard Grellman, said the partnership will allow Bible Society to deliver even more services towards a shared mission to enhance access to the word of God for a world that desperately needs it.

CEO of Bible Society Australia, Greg Clarke said “Bible Society and Koorong share a common goal and we believe that by coming together, we have the potential to transform hundreds of thousands of lives. It’s a match made in heaven and will ensure that both organisations are positioned positively for growth and can thrive for years to come,” Dr Clarke said.

“We will now be able to share our important Bible work with, and garner support from, Koorong customers. What’s more, those who shop at Koorong can now know that their purchases will fund even more Bible mission projects here and around the world,” he said.

Managing Director of Koorong, Paul Bootes, will continue to lead operations and said it will be business as usual for Koorong with all current staff to be retained.

“Over 40 years ago my father and mother started selling Bibles and Christian books in our garage near Marsfield. Today, thanks to the support of our customers we have 300 dedicated employees, a thriving online business and 15 stores nationwide,” Mr Bootes said.

“We’re thrilled with the new partnership as it allows us to both share the important resources that mean so much to our fellow Christians and support vital missions around the world,” he said.

Clarke said the partnership will help support the overwhelming need for more literacy and translation efforts, such as the Society’s new appeal for its mission work in Zambia.

“In the past three years, Bible Society Australia has established more than 100 international programmes but there are a huge number of deserving projects that still go unfunded each year. In China, demand for Bibles outstrips supply and more than 54 million people there are still illiterate. In Pakistan, women have one of the lowest literacy rates in the world, and in Zambia, the need for support is at a critical level.

“We look forward to expanding our mission efforts alongside our loyal Koorong customers and seek the continued prayers and vital contributions of our valued supporters,” he said.

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About Bible Society Australia:
The charity, Bible Society Australia, is the oldest continuous organisation in Australia, turning 200 in 2017 with a vision for growth to support Christians here and around the world for generations to come.The core cross denominational mission of the Society is to translate, distribute and engage people with the Bible. In 2014, Bible Society Australia distributed more than 248,000 Bibles and New Testaments, more than 452,000 Bible portions and tracts, and more than 33,480 Bibles, New Testaments and Gospels in languages other than English.

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