Taking God at His Word

Kevin DeYoung,
Crossway, 2014.
Peter Barnes

Kevin DeYoung says quite simply that “this is a book unpacking what the Bible says about the Bible”. In the end it is a defence of inerrancy, which means that “the word of God always stands over us and we never stand over the word of God”. The result of DeYoung’s thinking on this subject is a compact but compelling work on the full authority, sufficiency, clarity and necessity of the Bible for the revelation of God to sinful humanity.

It is full of biblical texts, especially from Psalm 119, which are handled well. Together, they give a mounting case for the Christian wanting to know God’s will, to love it, and to respond faithfully to what it says. This is not designed to replace Warfield’s classic work, but it will greatly help to prepare another generation of believers to trust what the Bible says about its own authority. All of this in about 130 pages! It is highly recommended.

Peter Barnes is editor of AP

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