Living Sacrifice

Dr Helen Roseveare
Fearn, CF 2013
Stuart Bonnington

This is a simple, profound book, a classic of missionary spirituality. A retired WEC missionary, Dr Helen Roseveare, served in the Congo/Zaire from 1953 to 1973 and endured many great testings of faith. Her story is told in Give Me This Mountain and He Gave Us a Valley. The reviewer had the privilege of hearing Dr Roseveare in person many years ago.

Christian Focus Press is to be congratulated for bringing Dr Roseveare’s books back into print. Living Sacrifice calls the Lord’s people to a life of gratitude, expressed in simple Christ-inspired and Christ-like sacrifice. This message is in great need of being heard afresh, especially within large sections of the Church in the West.

Based around Mark 12:29-31, Dr Roseveare illustrates loving the Lord with all the heart, soul, mind and strength from her own experiences as a missionary doctor. The reader is stirred, challenged, inspired and moved to consider their own walk with the Lord. There is a printing error on page 27 where “soul” is printed instead of heart.

Stuart Bonnington is minister of Scots Kirk, Fremantle

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