A Life Already Started

Megan Best,
fervr, 2013.
Peter Barnes

Dr Best has produced a helpful and sensitive little book on the subject of the unplanned pregnancy. She has in her sights the abortion industry which plays scant attention to reality. The more philosophical among its proponents try
to distinguish between a human being and a human person, which is rather like distinguishing between the right blade and the left blade on a pair of scissors.

By five months the unborn child is capable of feeling pain, yet the industry rolls on. In 2010-2111 there were about 90,000 abortions in Australia but only 384 adoptions, and 215 of these were from overseas. Supporting abortion is supposed to be a prowomen cause, but Dr Best notes that “emotional distress is common” – yet another inconvenient fact for the media to ignore.

When dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, there is a need to hear the voice of grace and wisdom. Dr Best writes: “At times there is a difference between the person you can trust and the person who gives wise counsel”. One must, however, object to the oft-repeated claim that there is no scale down from “really bad sins” to “slight problem sins”. It is a claim which is contrary to Scripture and to common sense. That aside, this is a needed work. The Christian does well to remember that when the Word became flesh (John 1:14), He became an embryo (Matt.1:18).
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